Safer Than Sand or Gravel

Hometown Sheds of North Carolina knows that safety is one of your top priorities as a parent. That is why we sell some of the safest playset equipment out there. But in addition to the playset package itself, we also try to make sure that your kids have a soft landing if they fall.Complete your playset purchase by adding super absorbent rubber mulch. Not only is it a great way to guarantee that your kids won’t get scrapes or … [Read more...] about Safer Than Sand or Gravel

New Financing Plan – Same as Cash

Why buy a storage building now? Not only is it the perfect time to give yourself extra space for storage, but Hometown Sheds has also just added another incentive: a new financing plan that gets rid of interest costs and large cash payments.Once you are approved for the 90-Days Same as Cash plan, your purchase will be delivered to your door and assembled for you. So don't let this Christmas come and go without finally getting … [Read more...] about New Financing Plan – Same as Cash

A Home for Your Hens

Sheds have endless possibilities aside from storage. One of those possibilities is converting your new or out of use unit into a chicken coop. Here are some ways that you can take your shed and turn it into a home for hens.First, install a screen door in addition to the existing door. This is so that your chickens will have lots of fresh air and sunshine during the day. Do the same for the windows. Adding screens to the … [Read more...] about A Home for Your Hens

Layaway Has Arrived!

The season has arrived! Hometown Sheds is starting to offer layaway plans through the end of the year. How does it work?First, stop by any of our 14 locations across the the Carolinas. Our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the shed or steel building you are considering.Second, once you find just the right product to fit your needs, let our staff know that you are interested in a layaway plan. A … [Read more...] about Layaway Has Arrived!

Playsets and their Fun-tastic Features

Have you noticed that when you browse through different playset options they all come out looking the same? Sure, each brand touts its “amazing” features, but after a while you are pretty sure that option 3 is exactly the same as option 7. That is where Hometown Sheds  comes in. At Hometown Sheds, we only sell Adventure World gymsets. Adventure World is known for their excellent quality, American made designs, but even better, … [Read more...] about Playsets and their Fun-tastic Features

The Testing Grounds

Most people would agree that playgrounds are simple. They have swings, slides, bridges, and plenty of other features that kids love. But even though playgrounds seem normal enough, they are actually the testing grounds for our children. While playing, kids push the limits of their physical abilities, they form and try to figure out relationships, and they use their imaginations to mimic the world of adults. Because playground … [Read more...] about The Testing Grounds

The Clutter Conundrum-How to Declutter Your Shed

Do you remember when you first bought your storage shed and everything was spotless and immaculately organized. You had easy access to all of your gardening tools and you didn’t have to climb a mountain to reach your favorite holiday decorations. If that dream image of your shed has transformed into a nightmare of mess and clutter then it’s probably a good sign that you need to scale back…a lot. Since getting started can … [Read more...] about The Clutter Conundrum-How to Declutter Your Shed

Sorting the Catch and Release

A storage shed has lots of basic uses as well as some pretty creative possibilities. We love hearing about what our customers have done with their storage unit because many of them have found very unique ways of adjusting a great product to perfectly meet their needs. One customer uses his shed for sorting out his catch of Atlantic Blue Crab on the coast. He can shake out the crab pots to separate the his catch from the throw … [Read more...] about Sorting the Catch and Release

The Church Attic that Runneth Over

Have you ever gone hunting through a church attic? There are plenty of items that you would naturally expect to find there: hymnals, seasonal decorations, costumes from the children's last nativity play, and lots of dust. But churches often store more than just the obvious church related items.When you see lots of kids in a church parking lot waving signs that announce a carwash fundraiser, remember that all those buckets, … [Read more...] about The Church Attic that Runneth Over

Keeping the Weather Out

If you have ever faced the frustration of a door that allows nature in at all the wrong moments, don't worry, you aren't alone. That is why Hometown Sheds sells doors with high quality weather tight seals. When  you buy a storage unit from Hometown Sheds you won't have to worry about what will leak inside because wind, rain, and snow are effectively sealed out. But even though the elements won't find an easy entrance, our … [Read more...] about Keeping the Weather Out